Feel, be seen, and launch into the void

When I offered my first, week-long retreat 7 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. 

A colleague had booked me to host a 2-day activity with horses, then she canceled her entire program a month before departure and the participants begged me to switch to a week-long program with my horses. 

I launched into the void, and my first retreat took place in Ecuador with 9 enthusiastic participants and it was the tipping point of something wonderful. Witnessing the personal change that happens in a week-long, safe container, with the every day growing relationships between humans and the herd, is an amazing gift.

Since that first one, I have hosted and co-hosted retreats on the enchanted islands of the Galapagos, in the desert of Dubai, in the German Black Forest  and in the Cotopaxi Volcano National Park. 

We only work with handpicked herds, in fantastic, unique locations and we bring together expert facilitators and tailored programs. 

However, it is always a launch into the void!

We never know who will sign up, the work with big herds is highly unpredictable, we have to stay connected to our intuition as well as use our entire toolkit of psychological knowledge and coaching techniques to support our participants in a life-changing experience. 

Launching in Georgia

This time, we are going to Georgia, an unknown corner of the world, where the alphabet looks like it was taken straight from Lord of the Rings, where ancient culture is still alive, and where the vast empty spaces take your breath away. 

A launch into the void. 

Our horses are close to their innate nature, they have a natural herd structure that couldn't be closer to a wild herd and they have all the space they want to roam around. 

How will we get their attention? With authenticity.

 It lies within the innate nature of horses to bring out the best in others, with curiosity, empathy and emotional support. 

Sounds crazy? Well, how do you think a herd educates a cute little foal into a brave, strong member of the herd? 

Horses, other than deer or cattle, have a very sophisticated social system that supports, protects and constantly educates every member of the herd. 

If you give them the opportunity, horses form life-long friendships, they recognize their peers even after years and build teams around certain activities such as play or rest. 

The structure of the magnificent, half-tamed Tushetian herd will guide us on our launch into the void.

Being surrounded by over 60 horses in harmony has an incredible effect on us: 

  • A horse's heart field is larger and heavier than yours
  • The heart radiates the body's most powerful and extensive, rhythmic electromagnetic field which can be measured anywhere on the surface of the body and also several feet away.
  • This field is affected by your moods, attitudes and feelings.
  • There is a 2 way herd field effect which can overlap and impact anyone in the field... whether you are consciously aware of it or not. 

Are you sometimes scared to fail?
Do you feel ashamed if you need to ask for help? 

I did, for many years.
Now, after working with hundreds of horses and facilitating thousands of coaching hours with them, I know better. 

The unknown, the blank canvas now feels exciting. It motivates me to play and re-create until I have a moment of satisfaction. Then I launch, I observe, and then I adapt it towards perfection, knowing that perfection never exists (for me). 

If you are like me, you can easily get lost in the planning stages, because you tend to overthink. 

You are keen to observe and learn from others, and then you get frustrated and think “I'll ever be that good”.  You make a big plan, you can see your success, and then you keep it in the drawer for “a better timing”.

Guess what, the perfect timing doesn't exist!! If I wouldn't have launched into the unknown with my first retreat 7 years ago, I would have missed out on so much. 

Today, my work is much deeper, and I am much more confident. But, you know, fast forward 7 years, I will probably say the same…

Sometimes we just need to be brave and bold, and launch into the void. 

I am so excited about this retreat in Georgia, I could jump up and down like a child. The vast plains scare me just enough to fire up my creativity. 

Together with my co-host Monica Kubik we bring a unique tool box of psychology and counseling techniques, plus the most successful ideas from coaching and embodiment to help you with your successful launch into the void. 

Maybe you want to launch a business or a new idea.
Or you want to move, get a divorce or get married! Maybe you want to quit smoking,
Or heal a chronic skin disease. 

There are SO many possibilities that require profound introspection and a big leap of faith into the unknown from us.
We will help you.

I personally will use the Tushetian vast plain and the wisdom of the herd to step up, and embrace the next step of my business that just went from doing OK to grow into a 6 figure business. 

Monica will use the blank canvas of this open space to become clear of her own vision and to embrace the possibility to work with horses full-time, and in a profitable way, while living in a rather expensive money hot spot like Dubai.

What will you work on?

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and find out more about the exciting retreat we have planned in the first November week in Georgia!