Join us for the journey of your life time

Our self-awareness retreats will immerse you in nature and help you find the answers you are seeking

This quest will take you to the most amazing places in the world.

Not only physically, also emotionally and spiritually!

All our retreats are a unique combination of horses, feelings, and a journey of self-empowerment. 

Take empowered steps to create the life of your dreams!

Al Wathba Luxury Collections and Spa, Abu Dhabi

Take matters into your own hands and thrive amidst all the chaos that is surrounding you.

Our qualified practitioners will guide you to find the answers you are seeking and help you discover how you can create your best life possible - a life where you are happy, where you are in charge, and where you have meaningful relationships.

Allow yourself this time away where you can step back from your daily routine to gain perspective on where you are today and where you could be in the future.

What makes our Retreats unique:

  • Extraordinary locations
  • Time in and with nature
  • The coaching with horses gives you full clarity - suddenly you will understand why you are struggling and what you have to do to build a happy future
  • Qualified Practitioners in Horse guided Empowerment® in combination with powerful complementing methods
  • No horse riding - only respectful encounters and communication from the ground
  • No previous horse experience needed