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FeelQuest are Retreats for women with horses in nature

FeelQuest retreats for women are a unique combination of horses, nature, meditation and coaching in breathtaking locations worldwide. 
We carefully select only very special places where you will feel good, and the horses are well taken care of, and add our coaching method Horse guided Empowerment into the mix.

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Why retreats for women only?

We target only women for the retreats because the groups are intimate, small and through involving the horses can go very deep and personal. Building on the sisterhood that quickly develops during these quests, we see the most amazing support unfolding between the ladies.

Retreats for women October 2023

As we have a large base of followers in the Middle East, we also have many Arab and Muslim ladies joining our retreats for women and we think it is very important to create the space and atmosphere where everyone can be completely themselves, without being judged or feeling observed.

Everyone is respected exactly the way they are, no matter the background, culture or age.

As a matter of fact, most women at our FeelQuest Retreats tell us that they really enjoy the mix and learning from each other has been a big part of their healing process. 

Whether you come from a Western Culture, wear the hijab or abaya, or were raised in a Hindu family - to the horses, it does not matter at all, and that is the motto of our work.

The only thing that matters is what kind of person you are right now, and who you want to be.

Other benefits we see of keeping the retreats for women only:

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  1. Safe Space: It is important that we create a safe and supportive environment where participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences and challenges.
  2. Empowerment: As we mentioned, our method is called Horse guided Empowerments and hence topics like self-confidence, leadership, personal growth, and self-care are touched upon in the retreats. We feel it is easier to achieve change and practice a new way of being amongst women (and horses!) first, before going back to our old lives.
  3. Shared Experiences: Our women-only retreats are so much more than just the coaching - they are an adventure, a quest to new places, experiences and often a new country. And they provide a space for discussing issues that are specific to women's experiences, such as gender-based discrimination, family dynamics, and societal pressures.
  4. Networking and Bonding: Our FeelQuest Retreats offer an opportunity for women to connect and build a network of support, since we share a common experience, and since we meet so openly and honestly during this journey. Our participants quickly form connections and friendships that usually go way beyond the retreat.
  5. Freedom to Express: We feel some women might feel more comfortable expressing themselves openly without the presence of men due to cultural, religious, or personal reasons.

Why horses?

Horses provide a sense of inspiration, calm, and wonder in us.

Today, it is proven that the presence of horses has positive psychological effects on us. As sensitive prey animals, horses are acutely aware of their surroundings. In fact, horses can pick up on and connect with people faster than a human!

In this way, horses are able to mirror us and provide deep insight into our social, emotional, and cognitive states.

Horses do not judge and live only in the present moment. They give us honest feedback and thus allow us to be fully aligned with our authentic self in these retreats. They will show us where we doubt and hesitate, and where we truly believe. Their feedback in combination with the coaching of our certified facilitators is what makes FeelQuest Retreats such a transformational journey.

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Is horse experience needed?

For the coaching and ground work no horse experience is required. For riding, you should have some experience but rest assured that we will take it slow and easy.

We will organize riding trips according to all levels but it's important to remember that we only do conscious riding and the happiness of the horses is equally as important as that of our people.

Are the horses safe?

Yes. Our facilitators understand how to work with horses in a safely manner, and we only offer our retreats in locations where the horses are happy, well looked after, have enough space to roam and move and interact socially with other horses of the herd.

So, what are you waiting for?

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