Join us to Galapagos in 2022

 Shifting Tides: a Retreat with Horses on the Galapagos Islands 

 June 11 – 18, 2022 
 August 20 – 28, 2022 

We are in an era of new normals, of evolving realities

We are navigating a world of restrictions, safety measures, and distancing.
Our surroundings and lifestyles are changing from one day to the next.

The only certainty in a time like this, is the certainty of change.

So much appears to be decided for you.

Yet YOU hold the power of adaptation. 
You can shift the tides in your favor.

This retreat is dedicated to the exploration of your self, your environment, and the relationship between the two.

As you connect with the islands’ ecosystems, you will adopt their unique and profound capacity for adaptation.
You will think beyond current circumstances, draw wisdom from nature, and realign your life path.

Through bold, intentional shifts, you will expand into a more balanced, fulfilling life.

In times of adversity so much more is possible. We urge you to harness the opportunity that change brings us!

Perhaps you haven’t even considered what you are truly capable of.
Or maybe it’s time to be honest about what you need to shed, tweak, adapt, and transform.

What is included 

  • Baltra Airport Pickup & Dropoff
  • 7 nights single bedroom lodging in Puerto Ayora
  • Retreat activities & sightseeing as detailed on the itinerary
  • Private bus transportation
  • All breakfasts & lunches as listed in the itinerary 
  • Water taxi for return from Tortuga Bay
  • Day Tour to uninhabited island & snorkeling gear 
  • + Our Feel-Good Welcome Gift Package!


  • International & Domestic flights
  • $20 Tourist Control Card
  • $100 Galapagos National Park entry per adult
  • Drinks and meals not mentioned
  • Tips and personal expenses
  • Travel health insurance
  • Any optional or not listed activities

The Galápagos Islands are a unique beautiful tourist destination. Combining this with a very special encounter of free horse herds, you can expect a journey that will leave in you in awe and truly restored. 

Are you ready to shift your tides?

Every step of the way is uniquely designed to cater to your evolving goals and needs. We have created an intentional, proteced container for you and your friends to experience in both personal and group settings so that you can best integrate your learnings. 

Are you ready to be deeply inspired by nature, to receive the wisdom around us?

Embark on our exclusive, unforgettable retreat for you and five others on the magical Galapagos Islands. Give yourself the space to calibrate your inner and outer landscapes so you can lead a more fulfilling, joyous life path in harmony with your passions and the environment around you.

We will be using a multi-disciplinary toolbox of workshop content and curriculum, that will adjust to each client using the following methods:

  • Horse Guided Empowerment® and HeartMath©
  • Gestalt Therapy, Life & Career Coaching, Systemic Constellations
  • Nature Hikes, Beach Time, Daytrip to an uninhabited Island, Snorkeling
  • Meditation with Giant Tortoises

Spirited Horses of all ages

This 12-head herd at Galapagos Horse Friends is extraordinary: half-tamed yet friendly, sensitive and curious.
Receiving their guidance is truly a special gift.

A unique island with fascinating wildlife

Nature lovers will thrive: we meet giant tortoises in liberty,  swim with playful sea lions and watch all kinds of birds in a stunning natural setting.

Pristine beaches and marine life

We will explore uninhabited islands, take you on snorkeling trips and tell you a lot about the archipel´s fascinating marine life.

Claudia Moreno - Retreat Host

German expat Claudia is the founder of the Galapagos Horse Friends Foundation, and the care-taker of the herd. She will be our tour leader and local expert. Claudia came to the island over 20 years ago and lives in the highlands of Santa Cruz with many rescued dogs in an unfinished house because every penny goes to the care of the herd. She feels empowered by natural connection and by relaxing with her lovely herd of majestic guiding soul-guides.

Claudia says: “We all deserve the time to reflect on ourselves and there is no better place to do this than in the pasture of a free-roaming herd of horses.”
By joining our retreat, you will directly contribute to the upkeep of Claudia´s rescue herd that depends on visitors like you.